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Celebration Strings Quartet

Celebration Strings Quartet

(2 Violins,Viola and Cello)
Bach to Bacharach, Strauss to Star Wars,
Cameos from the Classics. Shows, Film themes and popular tunes
Sample Wedding Music CD available

Rates for Sept 2007– Sept 2009

1 Hour      @       £320           1.5 Hrs      @       £360

2 Hrs         @       £400           2.5 Hrs      @       £440

3 Hrs         @       £480           3.5 Hrs      @       £520

Plus £50 per half hour thereafter, maximum of five hours on call at venue

Players will need a break of about 10 minutes per hour after the first hour

Travel: no charge for venues up to 20 miles from South Manchester – 40p per mile thereafter.




Light Orchestra

A 'Sparkling' Pot Pourri of
Palm Court
Salon Music

Cameos from the Classics
Viennese Waltzes & Polka
and much more


Recall the nostalgic days
of the Palm Court Orchestra


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Interesting Ensembles

Interesting Ensembles
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Classical and romantic string repertoire
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Chamber Orchestra
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Philharmonic Cellos
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Varied and extensive repertoire from
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